Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Last night I got to share my heart. A small bunch of believers invited me to share some thoughts on prayer. I found the Spirit stirring profound thoughts and words of the nature of God as Trinity; of His longing for our participation in His wonderful other-centred life; of his existing heavenly conversation - Jesus and the Spirit communing with Father. It was so rich. The word which kept spilling from my heart up on to my lips was JOY.
Prayer is participating in the JOY of the Trinity!
I shared about prayer walking and the wonderful freedom it is not to imagine situations in a prayer meeting as you study the carpet at your feet, but to engage - see people, situations , possibilities and to pray out there. Fabulous stuff!
By the end I think God had touched us and opened our hearts to a whole freshness of praying in the Spirit.
They want me back - next time we will actually go out and prayer walk. Can't wait!

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