Monday, 15 February 2010

Walking the Landscape

Ordnance Survey maps are meat and drink to any serious explorer. What is the first things you see as you look at one? Gridlines - that mesh of perfect squares covering the surface of the map. Gridlines give the ability to pinpoint location.
However not all of us go through life with a map in hand. However we do have diaries, be they electronic or paper. These tell us what we are to do, where we are to go and when we should be there. Diaries rule. They dictate life. They are tyrannical. However they do give us control of hectic lives and make us feel secure.
Back to the map. What else do you see? You see features of the landscape, contours indicating hills and valleys. You see features of the townscape, streets and buildings. Land and town scapes come to life for the seasoned map reader.
God gives a stark choice - live by the safety and security of the gridlines - always knowing where you are and where you are going. Or "come and walk the landscape and townscape with me". "You will never really know where you are because I am in control. You will rarely know where we are going, but I will never leave you. You will often feel insecure but that is my invitation to trust me. You will go where I go, you will stay where I stay. You will walk with me , work with me and learn how I do it. I will teach you the unforced rhythms of grace."
Habakkuk saw and articulated "the righteous shall live by faith".
So gridlines - doing life in safety and security or walking the landscape - in company day in day out with Jesus. Sterile or fertile? Predictable or creative? Alone or in company?
What's your answer? To be sure both will be blessed - that is not the point.
Which is the life that will richer, fuller be?

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